Learn From the Experts

Our AI courses are developed by senior AI engineers. Together, we have decades of experience in artificial intelligence, enterprise and consumer software development. We have carefully synthesized our lessons focusing on key concepts that will help you implement AI at a professional level, quickly.

Real World Computer Vision.

Use AI to solve actual problems with a real-world impact on the economy, the environment, and society. We will introduce you to the latest techniques in computer vision and image analysis so that you can develop your own workflows for a wide variety of problems that affect human life and the planet that we live in. We have built a curriculum that gives a comprehensive overview of modern issues that can be solved with cutting-edge AI tools, all without the need for a computer science degree or advanced coding experience.

Power at your fingertips.

Our lessons are designed for hands-on practice backed by world-class infrastructure. Our web-based platform can be accessed from anywhere in the world, and it is backed by our fully managed GPU cloud. We have put together all the nuts and bolts so that you can focus on using high-level tools for analysis. There is no need to purchase expensive hardware or spend time configuring a full software development environment. Our AI engineers, who are also your instructors, take care of all the details so you can be up and running on day one.


  • What are the strengths of Deep Block courses?

    We target non-CS or non-AI majors who do not have prior knowledge and/or experience in AI. So our courses are intuitive and easy. We try to eliminate difficult mathematical and technical concepts as much as possible. Our courses focus on teaching you the practical skills that real AI engineers use every day.

  • What courses do you offer?

    Currently we offer Introduction to Python programming course. We also plan to open Introduction to Deep Learning course in April 2022.

  • How many lectures are there?

    Each course consists of 12 lectures.

  • I don't know how to code at all. Can I still take the course?

    If you do not have any coding experience, we recommend you to take the Introduction to Python Programming course before taking other courses. In the course, we will teach you all the programming basics you need to know before taking other courses.


The Course was a Huge Help for my Work!

I am an engineer working in a beauty-related startup. Our company is currently developing a hair loss care solution, and I participated in Deep Block AI boot camp to learn AI technology needed for this software.

During the three-month boot camp period, based on the instructor's kind explanation, I was able to directly implement the hair AI detection model needed to develop hair loss care service and learn how to implement it. As an engineer working in the same field, I was able to learn a lot about AI. Thank you.

Built Something Meaningful Through this Course

These days, the world is suffering from Corona virus, and there are more regulations such as mandatory mask wearing. During the Deep Block AI boot camp, I built a mask detection AI model as my final project. As a result, I was able to develop AI model successfully and proudly explain my development experience and AI development process to interviewers.


Created my own AI Model!

While participating in Deep Block AI Bootcamp, I was recently told by my instructor that the movement toward environmental protection and animal and plant protection has been strengthened worldwide, and I developed an AI model to detect endangered narrow-mouthed toads as a final project. During the development process, I was able to learn clearly how to develop the object detecting AI model and what to consider during the development process, and I was able to successfully develop my own narrow-mouthed toad detecting AI model.

About Our Company

Deep Block, an Innovative AI tool to make your work simple

Our team develops user-oriented AI tools that are systematically designed to increase productivity, reduce waiting times, and simplify workflows. Our group shares an enthusiasm for the impact that AI will continue to have on society, and we all have significant experience in developing and deploying robust applications leveraging cloud technologies, virtualization, deep learning, scientific analysis and real-time user interfaces.